London Choir

Sorry Choir Company directors. I needed to do that.

After many years of singing with show choirs, gospel choirs, and opera choruses, I have started to this conclusion: While singing in choirs is a terrific way to keep the voice active, it’s not great to add mass to the solo voice. For more information on choir west london, visit our website today!

Actually, it’s harmful.

Bear in mind, the director of those groups isn’t thinking about your own personal solo voice, but rather he/she’s thinking about the general seem. I’ve sang in choirs having a director that went to date to keep a mix he had us practically in a whisper!

Not to mention, there’s another extreme which states, ‘If it’s not loud, it’s wrong’.


When entering choirs be aware of the items the director is attempting to attain, and do what’s easiest for you personally. For me personally, it happens to be first alto. Not too I possibly could not sing soprano, it had been just a lot more effort to:

1. Sing that top consistently more than a two — plus hour time period

2. Attempt to blend my heavy soprano tone with the other ‘lighter voiced’ sopranos.

So my texture and tessitura was more appropriate for alto in many settings.

*The only real setting that my full lyric voice fits perfectly is incorporated in the opera choruses!

If you discover you’re consistently hoarse after wedding rehearsal, you’re singing wrong! Ask your director to maneuver you. Otherwise, you will need to find another singing group that your voice is definitely an asset. Want to know more about Choir london choir? Visit our website for more information.