Index Limited and Global Markets have announced their separation. The Investing companies have announced the split on September 17,2018. Index Limited, an online broker, providing trading services to all of its users, was forced to take a difficult decision due to the new market rules provided by the ESMA Regulation, in terms of leverage. "It was a hard decision to take- states the CEO of Index Limited- we were forced to choose between the European License or our thousands of clients, who collaborate with us. A change in the European Regulation, would cost us hundreds of professional clients, leaving our platform and choose to trade with non-European brokers. This was a cost that we couldn't afford." He further explained that all of the traders investing with 4xPremium, had agreed to certain Terms and Conditions, one of the most important being Leverage, so if the ESMA decided to reduce the leverage, the investors were to close their accounts with the company. Being an ECN, 4xPremium is very af ected by the leverage conditions, since it earns from the spread, a decreased spread means decreased earnings. This would cause a huge drop in the company's shares. "These is why the company has decided to go with the investors demands, and choose to keep the same agreement with the same conditions leverage conditions. We are looking to build up a new vision of trading and investing ,Australia maybe be our new renaissance "- explained the company's CEO. The company will remain to announce further updates of hat this new improvement will bring.