Wiser Operations

Wiser Operations platform is rapidly growing and utilizes a large network of thoroughly vetted product & workflow testers from across the United States. Invest in your brand by partnering with a highly experienced American outfit and forget about bogus broken English reviews from India – those are history and illegal according to the Federal Trade Commission laws. Our crowd of U.S. Amazon, Google & Walmart product testers are ecstatic to receive your items and have the opportunity to test and review them. Do not waste too much time as the holiday season is quickly approaching and during this time we get quite busy. Many other outfits, both small and large have been quite fruitfully exploiting our service to turn around millions of dollars for what some Amazonions describe as single person operations with “stale sales” converting these seller accounts into multi-national enterprises. We really do not take credit and firmly believe that often times excellent products simply need that initial buzz which comes inherently when products attain reviews on the various marketplaces.

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