Finding out how to make beef jerky is a nice straightforward process. It is simply dried beef! Apply heat and a few ventilation and also the beef will dry up. Making jerky with pizazz involves another step. For more information on jerky, visit our website today!

The pizazz within my jerky develops from a marinade. A marinade does a couple of things. It adds flavor towards the beef in the seasonings also it really tenderizes. A beef jerky rub accomplishes exactly the same factor in the same way.

Selecting Beef for Beef Jerky

Apart from the marinade there’s yet another critical component in steps to make beef jerky with pizazz. You need to be cautious concerning the cut of beef you decide on.

Just one muscle cut with hardly any fat is what’s needed.

Fat won’t dry and can cause your jerky to visit rancid rapidly. Multi-muscle cuts have ligament, which isn’t good for jerky.

Sirloin or top round are fantastic choices but the most popular is eye of round.

For consistent drying the meat must be sliced evenly. I have never had the ability to do that aware of a knife to my satisfaction. However my butcher will slice it perfectly without any charge.

Ask yours for slices about 1/4 inch thickness for fast drying. He’ll most likely get it done. Even when he charges extra it will likely be worthwhile over time.

My Personal Favorite Marinade For Jerky With Pizazz

You will find most likely a large number of marinades available which will add pizazz for your jerky however this is among my top picks.

This really is enough marinade for around 1 pound of eye of round beef strips.


3/4 cup teriyaki sauce

3/4 cup beer

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

1/3 cup water

1/3 cup soy sauce

1 1/two tablespoons liquid smoke

4 1/2 teaspoons ketchup

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes (I love more)

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon onion salt

1/4 teaspoon garlic clove powder

1/4 teaspoon cracked pepper, in order to taste


Stir together the beer, teriyaki sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, water, liquid smoke, and ketchup inside a large bowl. Stir at a negative balance pepper flakes, salt, onion salt, pepper, and garlic clove powder until blended.

Chuck the ball meat using the marinade before the strips are very well coated. Tightly cover the bowl, and marinate within the refrigerator a minimum of 6 hrs. 24 hrs is much better.

Drying Beef Jerky Within The Oven

Jerky typically was dried under the sun. I actually do mine within the oven. Should you possess a food dehydrator perfect for making jerky. The oven will a fine job however.

Drying jerky within the oven isn’t a tricky process however it takes time. The length of time can also be hard to say! Temperatures, slice thickness and humidity levels vary so drying might take between six to twelve hrs.

Set your oven because of its cheapest setting. You’ll need a temperature of 150 levels and a few ovens will not go that low. 175 levels is alright but make use of an oven thermometer to be certain where you stand.

My oven set to warm using the door ajar keeps a perfect 150 degree temperature.

Drain the meat strips in the marinade and pat totally dry with sponges. The dryer they come the faster they’ll become jerky.

Convey a baking rack in the rimmed baking sheet and arrange the beef strips around the rack. Leave room between your slices of beef. You need to have good air flow round the slices.

Put the sheet within the oven and then leave the oven door ajar so moisture can escape. Start examining the jerky slices red carpet hrs and appearance regularly there after.

Your jerky is performed when you are able bend it also it breaks slightly. It should not snap into but simply break slightly.

More Beef Jerky Recipes

Like I stated this marinade is my personal favorite. Nevertheless it won’ be for your taste. Everyone has different tastes. This is exactly why they create more flavors of frozen treats than vanilla!

The idea is what’s important. Adding additional flavors towards the beef jerky. Just consider the variations of business jerky. Brand new ones are added constantly! Want to know more about jerky? Visit our website for more information.

Enhance your jerky having a marinade of your liking and you’ll understand how to make beef jerky with pizazz.