Volunteer in Ghana

A volunteer with African Adventures explains 10 things she loved most about Ghana we have spent there like a volunteer. To know more about volunteering in Ghana, visit our website today!

1. The handshake – is awesome. It is a normal handshake ending with finger snap. When you are accustomed to it it’s difficult to prevent!

2. The folks – it’s over stated but Ghana is actually friendly.

3. The rain – began having a warning wind, it’s torrential and mostly warm. The good thing is daytime rain when kids go out with sponges and soap to consider advantage.

4. The garments – are perfect with brightly coloured wax prints or even the Ghana made Batik. The local tailor or seamstress can whip you up an identical two piece – bafflingly termed as slit and Kabba.

5. The noise – from drumming to street music the amount high, contributing to an excellent atmosphere where dance can bust out anytime.

6. The funerals – when you get an opportunity on the Saturday it is good to determine these huge celebrations of the existence resided. With pictures of the deceased adorning t-shirts it could not become more different. Know more about volunteer in Ghana by visiting our website.

7. Mind loads – the elegance and sweetness of somebody walking and bending to make sure their mind load of the dining room table and chairs dips nicely to 1 side to pass through mattresses coming another way needs to be seen to become believed.

8. Fan Ice – Fan ice and fan yogurt are extremely refreshing within the heat. Street vendors sell fan ice everywhere just listen out for that old-style bike horn that heralds arriving.

9. Buying things through vehicle home windows – regardless if you are feeling peckish or requiring to furnish a home a brief drive-thru Accra can give you the products in your grocery list!

10. Saying sorry – to convey sorrow that anything bad happened to begin with. For instance should you hurt yourself bystanders will apologize, not since it is their fault, speculate they want it had not happened.

Volunteering in Ghana was this type of rewarding experience its really was difficult to pick just ten wonderful reasons for the nation. I’d have enjoyed it on a journey but much more volunteering, it will get you close up and private in a manner that traveling on your own cannot. I truly felt a part of something good as well as for that I’ll be forever grateful towards the many amazing Ghanian’s I met doing such wonderful things and making me feel so welcome.