Kukri Knives, Machetes & Survival Gear Reviews

When camping, hunting, and hiking it is usually smart to be ready for a survival situation. One item that’s on nearly every survival list you will find is a great knife. A survival knife can serve many purposes. If you’re lost within the forest or encounter the other dangers the outdoors provides a survival knife is essential item. When looking for any survival knife you will find that you’ve a couple of options to select from. To know more about kukri knives, visit our website!

An average survival knife will be either a folding knife or even the more generally a set blade knife. Wither you select a folding or fixed blade survival knife is up for you but be cautioned that fixed blades have a tendency to be more durable in extreme survival conditions. Another factor to think about when selecting a survival knife is if you prefer a serrated or plain edge blade. While serrated blades are more effective for cutting fabric like material they are usually just a little harder to hone which makes them less popular.

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

This knife was created with lengthy term survival in your mind. The Gerber LMF includes a partly serrated blade which means you obtain the best of all possible worlds. This knife includes a 4.84″ blade that work well for cutting rope and chopping down wood. Gerber’s LMF II is actually nice in longer survival situations since the sheath has an integrated knife sharpener so that your knife will keeps its edge longer. The handle is separated in the tang from the knife that makes it stronger while hammering as well as works as a barrier to electricity.

Cold Steel SRK Survival Save Knife

The Cold Steel SRK includes a 6″ blade which puts this knife the longer length side of survival knives. Featuring durable AUS 8A Stainless that does not has only great edge retention but additionally is Telfon coated to assist safeguard the blade in the elements. At 3/16 of the inch thick this blade will not break for you when chopping wood or skinning creatures.

Ka-Bar Becker Campanion BK2 Knife

Wither splitting wood or doing set-up inside your camp kitchen this knife is really universal. At 5.25″ lengthy this knife may be the only full plain edge knife out there, that makes it ideal for wood splitting and skinning creatures rapidly. The Grivory handle is simple to carry and it is very durable and safe from nature’s elements which makes it great for your outside adventures.

SOG Seal Revolver

The SOG Seal Revolver is easily the most interesting from the knives in the following paragraphs since the blade folds in to the handle revealing a survival saw for cutting branches and bigger bits of wood. Blade length about this survival knife is 4.75 inches lengthy putting it in the centre length class for survival knives. This knife is effective for building shelters in heavily wooded areas. The Revolver also has a sheath for transporting the knife keep. For the best kukri blades, visit our website for a wide collection of survival knives.