Love poems for her

Though I stand the risk of heartbreak I will give my heart to you Though I stand the risk of being hurt I will still give myself to you I love you not for what I can get from you But for letting me love you and helping you be a better you. (Read more love poems for her on our website. )

I love you God knows I do I love you more than words I will do everything required of me to do for you to show I love you

If loving you is a dream then may I never wakeup If we ever fight I will give what it takes to make sure we make up I love you with or without makeup

I can’t stop writing Romantic words from within me can’t stop flowing I can’t stop rhyming Sweet words will I always have for you no Matter the timing

My love stay with me My darling you mean the world to me No one ever can replace you in this heart of me My baby stay with me you will always be the better half of me

My baby is mine My baby is precious like a goldmine My baby is awesome My baby is cute beside her I look handsome My baby is the best My baby and I are good, my baby and I will get better, my baby and I are the best

I love you, my action shows it I love you, with sweet words I will declare it I love you, no distance, no quarrel will ever stop it I love you with my heart and soul may I never have reason to change it I love you now, tomorrow and always, there shall be no reversing it

Why will I break your heart? When nothing can ever tear us apart Why will I break your heart? When even death cannot do us part Why will I break your heart? When I love you more than I love me and I love it like that

I hold you in high esteem You and I we make a very good team To show I love you I will go to the extreme Having you as mine still feels like a daydream I pledge my love to you and all my promises to you will I redeem My love for you will never run dry forever it will flow like an everlasting stream Every good relationship endures good communication and that is communicating the ideas and feelings of those involved. For more love poems for her, visit us at today.