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I am sure you have often seen a Prescription Drug (RX) Discount Card before. A number of you might have really tried on the extender a couple of times. But many individuals, for those who have seen them, then ignored it – for reasons uknown – I curently have prescription coverage in my health plan, I’m able to manage to pay cash in my prescriptions, I do not use coupons or gimmicks, just sell me my stuff and allow me to go going – whatever.

First, without a doubt a bit about prepaid credit cards. Charitable organization Organizations and Employees Associations happen to be disbursing prepaid credit cards for their charitable organization readers. Individuals are saving enough cash on medications to have the ability to afford other necessities like gas, electric and food in addition to their prescriptions. Great right? What concerning the non-charitable organization readers? We do not need prepaid credit cards… or possibly we all do and did not realize it.

Have a thirty year old male, in a healthy body aside from bronchial asthma that is in check with daily medication – no troubling occurrences or Er visits for a long time. You’d don’t know he has got any medical issues. Our man is working in a good job with higher benefits. He’s the very best-of-the-line health plan at his work and contributes $100 per month for your privilege. With this particular plan, his 3 daily medications cost $24, $28 and something over-the-counter drug is $64. That’s $116 per month. Together with his insurance premium copay he’s at $216 per month.

Via a cost shift measure, his job will get removed. He’s let go. Not a problem, he’s youthful, intelligent, he’ll customize the job rapidly. In the meantime, he still needs to take his 3 medications daily. Nobody wants someone with drippy red eyes, wheezing over the desk their way in the interview. Not a problem, he’ll get COBRA. This is when he discovers that his $100 per month health insurance plan really costs his company $810 per month. With COBRA – he’s as much as $926 per month in premiums and medicines.

As being a wise consumer, he figures he is able to get individual care cheaper through healthcare reform. Lucrative finds out that healthcare reform states he can not be refused coverage due to his existing condition, however it does not allow it to be any cheaper. That $810 monthly his clients are shifting to him through COBRA now will get what’s known as a “rate-up” in the person healthcare market. For controlled bronchial asthma, different service providers “rate-up” no less than 10% as much as 70% greater than exactly the same policy for the similar coverage if he did not possess the condition. That one is really a 30% rate-up. He’s now at $1,053 monthly for healthcare premiums to help keep exactly the same plan he’d at his job.

Again, he knows that apart from the prescriptions, he does not need over $1,000 price of medical care per month and appears at lower listed guidelines. The very first factor these lower premium guidelines do, is boost the deductible. He rarely sees the physician except to resume his prescriptions yearly which check-up has become engrossed in no co-pay by policy. So he decides for that cheapest monthly premium. The 2nd factor insurers do, is restrict prescription drug purchases to help keep the monthly premium lower.

Right now, the cheapest listed choice for a proper thirty year old man is $74 monthly ($96 using the 30% rate-up), however it does not cover his two brand drugs until he’s spent $2500. His two prescription drugs under his current plan cost him $52 per month, $624 annually, nowhere close to the $2500 prescription deductible. Still Much better compared to premium health plan or COBRA.

Hold on, now that he’s having to pay cash for his prescriptions, they’re going as much as full cost. The $24/mo prescription is $141 retail and also the $28/mo prescription is $159 retail. He’s now as much as $364 per month for his medications. Still cheaper. For more information about prescription discount cards, do not forget to visit our website today to know more.

Then you definitely introduce him towards the RX card. His $141/mo retail cost would go to $70 and the $159 is reduced to $82 (no switch to the over-the-counter mediterranean) $216 total versus. $364. You’re his new closest friend.

Plan Premium RX 1 RX 2 OTC Monthly Total

COBRA $ 810 $ 24 $ 28 $64 $ 926

Indiv Plan $1,053 $ 24 $ 28 $64 $1,169

Base Plan $ 96 $141 $159 $64 $ 460

Base w RX card $ 96 Seventy Dollars $ 82 $64 $ 312

These figures according to quotes from service providers and native pharmacy technician with this specific situation August 2012.

So, the following RX Card you discover, keep it. You simply don’t know.