Learning Words for Kids


One of the android applications for your favorite kids. This application is based on learning to compose a word.

Maybe this time a lot and worrying where your kids is treated android gadgets but play games and adult categories tend-based violence in general. Would you like that with your kids?


This is our breakthrough, it’s time you try to use this application to your kids. The game is cute, everything is funny. Like when you first entered this game. 

This game is good for your kids, that is the modern game for crafting. Some of them arrange the words for animals, colors, aplhabets, and also shapes. Your kids will definitely love to play this game. 


The next feature is about learning and quiz. You can direct and supervise your kids directly to first train the intelligence of children by beginning to learn first. Make it as comfortable as possible and prior to the kids happy and enjoy. Once everything is exceeded, then to try the quiz feature. 

links for Google play
I like so much and i love it.Thanks a all